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Scars & What they Represent

Scars... What do they represent?

I'm often asked how the back of my head is so "battered" with bumps & scars. I explain the full story below, however I want to make a little point first (cos you know how much I love this stuff!).


The scars that we all have, whether on the outside, or inside, are a microcosm for life...


What I mean is, the meanings, reasons, and labels, we give our scars are a representation of our current mindset, and can often affect our attitudes, and actions.

The bump on my head was from getting knocked out in a fight, and while on the ground a guy smashed me in the head with a razor scooter.

The scars are from getting stabbed in the head with two bottles.

I also have a scar on my shoulder blade after getting stabbed with a large knife which punctured my lung.

At the time, these scars and bumps were tools to boost my ego, to enhance my macho image.. later I used them as a way to play the victim (poor me).


Now... They're a representation of a life once lived which has enabled me to use this experience to help others.


Same scars... Altered perception that brings about totally different feelings, actions, and results.

Even the scars I have on my stomach - stretch marks from weighing over 120 kilos. I used to hide them... now, again, they're representation of how far I've come and how I now have tools to help others.


What scars are limiting your present moment?


What past trauma are you holding on to?