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Motivational Speakers Sydney Tour

It's been a huge year where I traveled interstate most weeks as motivational speakers for youth, corporate keynote speaker, and mental health speakers for schools, and parent/community events speaker. It was year where I also completed my next book (released next year), and the success of my podcast, The Stabbed Ego Project - Discussing Ego, Enlightenment, and other Cool Shit, has left me extremely grateful for life.


"Luke's The Best Speaker We've Had." - OPTUS


Usually on tour I can have up to 15 gigs in the week, this short trip down South to Sydney though looked a little something like this...


Youth speakers at Balgowlah Boys high school where I'd hold my keynote for Yr 11, and then reducing stress & anxiety workshop.


Guest speakers for schools at Heathcote high school where I'd speak with Yr 10 & 11.

This trip to Sydney was the last tour and gig of the year. I now have 7 weeks off!! These 7 weeks off I'm doing ZERO plane trips. Being on a plane pretty much every week, it'll be nice to just stay grounded (physically and spiritually). That may be a little white lie, cos I'll probably have a couple of sneaky trips down to Sydney.

Overt the 7 weeks, I'll be chilling in Byron, Burleigh, other beaches, and doing yoga, reading, gym, good food, and just cruising. Bliss....

Leaving early on Monday morning, I arrived in Sydney at 10ish. I was getting there early for a super special reason. Santa photos with my main homeboy, Alfie!

If you've followed me on social (when I had it, see BLOG why I disconnected), you'd know who Alfie is. If you don't, check out photo below :-)

It was photos with Alfie and another one of my closest peeps, Jade.

As a motivational speaker for youth, when I'm on tours, there's usually not too much down time (well, there is, but mostly in buggered from speaking all day), so it was great to get to Sydney early to hang with my people.

Arriving in Sydney a little behind schedule, and then the hire car took forever to be released, I had to get Jade to grab Alfie for me, and I'd meet them at Miranda for the photos.

Getting to Miranda just in time, I smiled the brightest of smiles as I had my first sight of Alfie and Jade.

Giving them both a love filled hug, we went straight to the front of the line at Santa cos I booked online (best 4 bucks I've ever spent).

After Santa photos, Jade took off to go shopping (typical), and Alfie and I strolled around getting up to some mischief. All he ever does is make me feel loved and happy. That's a true friendship right there.

He's one of the best things that's ever come into my life.

After Miranda, Alfie and I headed for some lunch as Jade continued shopping... yep!

That night, I just chilled out with Jade, and readied myself for the talks at Balgowlah Boys high school.

Actually, I headed to yoga on the Monday night at Connect the Dots in Oatley. When I was living in Oatley, it was my studio where I practised regularly.

It was great to be back! The instructor, Nikki, is one that I love to practice under, and she's always holding a comforting space, and her instructions and options, are just perfect!

Leaving the session, that's when I went back and chilled with Jade.


Message Received Earlier this year from a beautiful young soul...


Waking early, I headed to Edmonds and Greer cafe to do some reading. It was a nice and chilled mental health speakers for schools tour this time around, and the energy around it left a slight smirk on my face the whole time. Sitting in the cafe, I reflected on the big year that passed, and thought back to all the schools I spoke at, the teachers I held workshops for and got to meet, and of course the parents where I heard feedback from and told me the changes in their lives and their kids. That smirk was now a bright smile, and I also luckily got to visit some of the most beautiful and heart warming spots across the country. I traveled interstate as motivational speakers for schools most weeks, and I can't think of a spot I didn't enjoy. Sure, a lot of them were fly in, speak, then fly out, however a town is summed up by the people and feel of the place. All of these were amazing.

Being so busy as a mental health speakers for events and schools, a lot of the year can blend into each other and become a bit of a blur, so it's nice to kick back and reflect.

While chilling out at the cafe, I had the thought to message another close friend of mine, Vic, who owns a successful active wear company, Muscle Republic, and the factory is just down the road from where I was speaking. Muscle Republic is a company that not only has the highest of quality gear, but most importantly, the culture of the company is one of massive heart. How I met Vic was, I put out a post on FB, looking for anyone that had gym clothes they were no longer wearing, to donate to some young disadvantaged guys who were training at my gym. Vic heard about this, contacted me, and offered a whole heap of brand new gear for the guys. Now that's a company with heart! Please, if you're into your training (or just want to look bangin') support a quality Aussie brand that support peeps in need. Jump on the link here and get your Christmas presents sorted! Jump in HERE NOW!

Speaking to Vic, he told me that he's at the factory, and they're doing a photo shoot during the day. I didn't want to get in the way of things, but he insisted it was all good, so I jumped in my car for the trip across the harbour bridge.

Arriving at his factory, I was buzzed in, and Vic wasn't there. A beautiful young lady with a just as beautiful aura, greeted me and let me know that Vic wouldn't be too long. He was getting some gear for the photo shoot. I chilled out as I watched his team hustling away, and others getting their makeup and hair done for the shoot. It looked like a driven and fun working environment.

My homeboy soon rocked up, and after a big bro hug, we chatted about life and business.

His team left for the shoot, and we chatted some more before I got out of his hair (very slick Italian hair) and took off to speak at Balgowlah Boys high school.


"The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships." - Anthony Robbins

And that's why I'm one happy mofo! Pictured here with my homie, Vic.


I was actually guest speakers for schools at Balgowlah Boys high school earlier in the year, and the teachers saw the impact made there and invited me back to speak to another year group.

Grabbing a box of my book, Stabbed Ego (GRAB YOURS HERE), I walked through the front gates and into reception with about 20 min until start time.

I was greeted by a cool teacher named Daniel, and he took me into the library and gave me a quick run down on the students. I was really looking forward to ripping in. It was just as I expected, a room full of eager year 11 boys, who gave me their full attention and respect throughout. During question time we had some big laughs, and I had some one on one time with a few of them that wanted to share their stories, and ask some personal questions.

The drive back from Manly during school time is a big pain in the arse, but I like to use that opportunity to practice (and fail sometimes) my patience and presence. After being a facilitator for a reducing stress and anxiety workshop, it probably wouldn't be too aligned with what I'm about, if on the way home,

I jumped out of my car and got into a road rage beef.

Just breathe...

Arriving back in the hood, I headed to the gym to hit the bag, and then went to my accom to chill.

Wednesday I was scheduled for my single guest speakers for schools Sydney talk at Heathcote high school to speak with Yr 10 & 11.

The talk was bliss! The students again gave me every bit of their attention, and one student commented afterwards

"Man, when you speak, it's with so much conviction. It's like we don't have an option but to change our lives for the better. Thanks heaps."

That's what its all about right there!

Like I said, it was a big year filled with motivational speakers for schools talks, parents mental health speakers events, teacher stress workshops, and student stress and anxiety workshops.

I'd like to thank all of those that trusted me to speak with their students, staff, workplaces, and communities. Without you guys on the front foot looking to make changes, none of this would've been possible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

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