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Motivational Speakers Sydney Tour

It's been a huge year where I traveled interstate most weeks as motivational speakers for youth, corporate keynote speaker, and mental health speakers for schools, and parent/community events speaker. It was year where I also completed my next book (released next year), and the success of my podcast, The Stabbed Ego Project - Discussing Ego, Enlightenment, and other Cool Shit, has left me extremely grateful for life.


"Luke's The Best Speaker We've Had." - OPTUS


Usually on tour I can have up to 15 gigs in the week, this short trip down South to Sydney though looked a little something like this...


Youth speakers at Balgowlah Boys high school where I'd hold my keynote for Yr 11, and then reducing stress & anxiety workshop.


Guest speakers for schools at Heathcote high school where I'd speak with Yr 10 & 11.

This trip to Sydney was the last tour and gig of the year. I now have 7 weeks off!! These 7 weeks off I'm doing ZERO plane trips. Being on a plane pretty much every week, it'll be nice to just stay grounded (physically and spiritually). That may be a little white lie, cos I'll probably have a couple of sneaky trips down to Sydney.

Overt the 7 weeks, I'll be chilling in Byron, Burleigh, other beaches, and doing yoga, reading, gym, good food, and just cruising. Bliss....

Leaving early on Monday morning, I arrived in Sydney at 10ish. I was getting there early for a super special reason. Santa photos with my main homeboy, Alfie!

If you've followed me on social (when I had it, see BLOG why I disconnected), you'd know who Alfie is. If you don't, check out photo below :-)