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2020 - The Year Ahead | Motivational Speakers for schools

Motivational speakers for schools Brisbane

The year ahead is already looking to be something special. Having a small, but extremely deep and caring crew of friends, I'm often asked and followed up on about my goals, what I'm grateful for, and things I need to work on. Being a motivational speakers for schools Australia, I've had some big achievements that I'm proud of. I love my purpose as a Mental Health Speakers and feel comforted knowing this is what I'm dedicating my life to.

Over the first month of 2020, I've spent some time with close people, but also a lot of time alone. Having this time alone has allowed me to reflect on the year that has passed (Check out my podcast episode about a cool reflecting workshop I was in), feel the emotions, and then think ahead about what I'd like to bring into 2020, and what wasn't serving me to leave behind.

As a Motivationals speakers for schools Brisbane & Sydney, a lot of my teachings and beliefs have been influenced by my homeboy, Eckhart Tolle, and is mainly focused on living in the moment - Not regretting the past, and not trying to control the future, and how to become aware of, and release the ego - the negative thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves.

This is where a lot of angst comes from, and since practicing this, my life has completely changed. So the workshop on reflecting was one that I had to push my mind (ego) to the side, and just sit in and go through the process. What a beautiful experience it was. I won't go into every detail of this process because I did so in my latest podcast episode, Reflect to be Present.

So having reflected, it was now time to look at what I'd like to get out of 2020.

I started with goals, achievements, and all this outer stuff before I stopped it all and realised something. All of this outer stuff was for one pure emotion...

When I brought it all back to what I want, all I want is to just feel good. I know that may be a be a throw away statement, cliche, or even eye roll worthy, and fair enough, I'd feel the same if I read a motivational speakers for school throw out such a statement.

Checking through all of our decisions in life, and if you'd like to simplify things (I'm a pretty simple person), all we want is to feel good and happy...

You want your kids to be successful? Of course! Why? Cos you love them and if they're successful it'll make you FEEL HAPPY.

You want to travel? Why? Cos it'll make you FEEL GOOD..

Want a loving partner? Why? Cos you'll feel love = FEEL GOOD & HAPPY

Everything comes back to that...

So, why not make that feeling our focus?

And guess what? What you focus on grows...

My focus is to feel good, so if something isn't serving this, I'm changing something.

The last 6 or so months off social, I've been diving deep into myself to explore, understand, open and expand. The elevated emotions I've felt during this stage is something I'm extremely grateful for (a genuine connection to gratitude was one of those).

While reflecting, if I had to put the last 6 months into a word, and in doing so giving it a disservice, the word I would use is FREEDOM.

I read recently that the energy of feeling freedom is a frequency that is right at the top of the highest energy emotions.

It makes sense, because I've never felt this good in my life, and I've never felt this free.

Don't get me wrong, I've had to do shit I didn't want to do during those times, and living in this physical "reality" we have to do so to get by.

It's not in the "doing" or the physical that freedom will be felt, it's when you reconnect to your unlimited spirit within and know that regardless of what happens in the physical, this spirit is forever free and eternal love.

As Nelson Mandela put it..


“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”


The prison of our ego and past (same thing) are the walls that need to be scaled, but in saying that, I'm wrong... I'm placing a physical doing picture on something that can't be done. It can only be felt.

My freedom came from disconnecting from past and reconnecting to here right now in every (most) moment.

I'm not perfect though. I stuffed up during those times, and after having 7 months off alcohol I broke over the new year period and lost myself for a little.

Knowing this feeling of freedom though, I felt for it again, and now with dry 2020 ahead, I plan to dive deeper.

All this being said, I'm getting back off social.

If you do want to keep in touch, subscribe to my podcast The Stabbed Ego Project on Spotify or ITunes.

Peace 🤙

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