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Ego in the Workplace

What is ego in the workplace?

How is ego costing businesses Millions?

When we first hear of ego, we instantly think that it's someone boasting, or bullying. And yes, that is largely ego. However when we look deeper into ego and the effects/causes, it's actually spread across numerous angles that's effecting many areas of business and productivity.


Ego is worrying what other people think

We worry what people think because we don't want to negatively effect their perception of our identity (ego or false self). Worrying what people think, stops us from following through on ideas, prevents us from networking, and leaves us feeling flat and unmotivated. These worrying what other people think is a major factor in anxiety and social awkwardness - it stops people from stepping up and having a crack! Worrying what people think hinders personal, professional, emotional, and mental growth.


Ego is labels

Attempting to live up to certain labels that are placed on us - whether by a coworker, friend, or even ourselves - living up to labels and not being our true-self hinders our creative mind. We don't want to step foot out of what we have been labelled because we feel that is our identity - without these labels, who am I? That can be a scary thought for a lot of us. Releasing labels/ego is the first step towards getting back to our true genuine self - where genuine happiness and unlimited success comes from.


Ego is not being open to feedback

People cut off from listening to feedback or criticism, because it makes them feel like they're wrong, it comes from fear of failure, or fear of looking stupid. You need to be open to feedback, to change, because otherwise you will not develop. We need to release this ego and be open to change.

"Anything that is led by ego will eventually self-destruct." - Stabbed Ego

Wherever anybody is in their specific role, if they're a top performer, just started building their profile, CEO of the company, or even the cleaner, if they're not open to feedback and change, I will say it again, "Anything that is led by ego will eventually self-destruct."


After speaking to the top 50 performers from the company, Optus, I was invited back to speak to their marketing team.

Being invited back as a guest speaker for any event is a nice feeling - it's proof of the impact made at the previous event.

Whether I'm invited back as motivational speaker for schools or guest speaker at corporate events, I over-deliver and strive to make the biggest impact possible.

Leading up to the second event with Optus, I spoke with the organiser, Andy, and he told me he wanted the same presentation as last time. I asked him if there were any specific angles that he wanted me to target more.

After having a good chat with him, I thought my other presentation would've suited better.

The first presentation was more on business/workplace development and motivation to hustle.

The presentation I suggested for the marketing team was more focused on the individuals mindset/mental health & becoming aware of ego/label/worrying what people think.

I use my 'cool stories' to get deep in to the labels that we place on ourselves, and show the effects of worrying what other people think. Opening the eyes up to the fake self we try to love up to, is the first step towards getting rid of it. Attempting to live up to labels and worrying what people think hinders our creative mind, stops us from following through on ideas, prevents us from networking, and leaves us feeling flat and unmotivated. I get these guys to take the mask off, be themselves and kick ass professionally but mo