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The Power Of Being Yourself

This interview was magic. As I sat in front of the mic, I looked around the studio at 3 ladies that were involved in the interview. We chatted about many things; happiness, bullying, relationships, motivation, and a lot about labels/ego. We laughed countless times. We agreed a lot. We smiled a heap. We enlightened. We were all being ourselves. We all felt relaxed in the judgment-free environment. In the past, rocking up to a radio interview, I'd rehearse answers to some questions I thought the interviewer may ask. The interviews were still good (cos I'm awesome haha) but it left me a little flat afterwards. I would feel drained.

It was because I wasn't being myself and worried what the listeners would think about me. This morning I left the interview fresh.. Why? My focus is still for the listener to get a heap of insight and value, though when I relax, be myself, and speak from the deep me, not the ego, then that's where true connection to any audience comes - whether it's radio, or I'm guest speaker to school kids, motivational speaker for high end businesses & corporations, or anyone for that matter, when I'm present and speak from the soul, I'm going along way to living my life filled with authenticity. This brings happiness. This is alignment. That's why I left feeling fresh. Authenticity. Whatever path you're on, if you stay true to yourself, you'll succeed at anything you desire. Be yourself. I wish you all peace of mind ❤

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