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It's Okay To Be Selfishly Happy

It's okay to be selfish for your own happiness. It's more than okay - it's your right as a human being to happy. Why else are we here?

Motivational Speakers for Schools

Travelling Australia as one of the biggest impact guest speakers for schools and corporations, I see, and hear, about it all the time;

People hanging with people they don't want to hang with.

Doing things they don't want to do.

Staying in relationships they're not happy in because it would go against the social norm to separate.

Meeting people they don't want to meet cos they can't say no..

And the list goes on...

How fast did last year go! How fast is the next one going to go?

How fast is life going to go?

I ask these questions, not to scare you, but because I want you to get a firm grip on the reality that this life goes quick...real quick.

We feel that being selfish is a bad thing. Sure, in some areas it is, but being selfish for your happiness brings nothing but positiveness for your life and those around you.

So.... be selfishly happy!

Being in a happy spot is where true connection and ability to help others comes from anyways... So you and others will shine as a result. Trying to please others, or improve a friend or family members happiness, can be tough. If that person isn't open to change, feedback, or improving themselves, then it's near impossible. Of course we have to be there to help others smile, but..

You can't pour from an empty cup!

Concentrating on other people's happiness who aren't open to it, will drastically drain your smiles and energy. It might seem odd that a motivational speaker for schools, corporations, and guest speaker for events, is saying not to focus on other people's happiness... For sure, on surface level, it looks weird or even hypocritical - my main focus for my talks is to amplify happiness through being yourself, away from the labels, away from caring what other people think. At the start of my motivational speaker journey I worked incredibly hard on my personal and spiritual development. I gained my happiness through authenticity, and a quest to help others. Again, talking about this quest to help others, is contradicting my previous paragraph.

The reason I can impact people's lives for the better and increase their smiles is because,

for years, I was selfishly happy and worked on myself. Having these tools and experience has allowed me to spread my message and make 100000's of people happy. I'm an example.

To be selfish about your own happiness is giving you the ability to be an example - it's allowing others to be inspired, it's showing people the way to more smiles.

So again, be selfish about your happiness.

I wish you all peace of mind x

Thank you for reading my blog. Please SHARE the love.


Motivational Speakers for schools, corporations, and guest speaker for events, Luke S. Kennedy, uses his “breathtaking story” to open audience’s eyes, and mind, up to ego – to the labels that we battle to live up to, and also demonstrates through his own thrilling examples, how worrying what other people think is ruining our relationships, following through on ideas, happiness, and success in every area. Becoming aware of ones ego and labels, is the first step towards releasing it.

Luke shows how when we come into this world we are a pure spirit with unlimited potential and happiness. As life goes on though we get disconnected from this true-self - Some dramatic events will occur, we may do some regretful actions, or get negative beliefs about ourselves or labelled with certain things that take us away from this true happy-self. The further we get away from the true-self, the unhappier we become because we’re not being ourselves. Labels, ego, and worrying what people think, crushes productivity and results in an overactive and doubtful mind - a feeling of being lost, depressed, anxious, and socially awkward, is a result of this.


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