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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Motivational Speakers | Cairns | Luke Kennedy

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"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the talk it really opened up my mind and changed my outlook on life and I just wanted to let you know!! Cheers"
- Year 9 student.

It’s always pleasant as a motivational speakers to be asked to return to a school or business to speak. It’s proof of a connection made and also gives the chance to deeply connect, build a relationship, and get a strong feel for the culture of the school or business. 


Long term connection allows for long terms results.


That being said, I was recently asked to be motivational speakers at St Andrew's Catholic College Redlynch in Cairns. I spoke their pre Covid for their year 12’s graduation dinner. It was a successful event last time so I was looking forward to getting back there. They do a great feed too so that added to the excitement haha.


When I’m asked to be motivational speakers for schools and mental health speakers for events, I look over past enquires and booking for neighbouring schools to get onboard while I’m in town. Especially when it’s as far as Cairns, getting others onboard makes the long trip accessible for others as it splits travel costs.


I reached out to a spot I had been in contact with over the years at Dimbulah state school. It was a small school in a rural community about an hour and a half away from central Cairns.  


After organising an event for their year 7’s to 12’s (only 40 students), the trip was booked in. 


If you read my last post, I was motivational speakers for an event in Canberra. I had a drive from Canberra back up to Brisbane to then fly to Cairns. My logistics for this trip wasn’t planned the best to be honest, so there was not much time to spare. I drove from Canberra to Syd to stay overnight before the long drive straight to Brisbane before catching a 9pm flight to Cairns. I’m an early sleeper so was feeling pretty tired on the back end of the drive. 

Arriving in Cairns just before midnight, my patience was tested as we had to wait an hour for our bags! 

I then had a 90 min drive to accommodation and arrived at 2:30am. I don’t remember the last time I was awake that late, so it took some time to get to sleep and had a scattered sleep but still woke up keen for the big day and evening. 


Motivational speakers for schools at

Dimbulah state school was such a pleasure. The students and staff were kind, open, connected, and eager to hear the messages and story. It went great!


I then had the drive back to Cairns to have a shower and get ready for the evening presentation at Redlynch. 


I got ready quickly and arrived at the school on time at 6pm for dinner. 


I had the chance to speak with some awesome teachers and the principal and was pumped to get into the talk. 


It was another super cool connected talk & the students were very receptive. 

Afterwards I spoke with a handful of the students before getting back to my accomodation to grab an early flight home.


It's a big couple of months ahead as speakers for schools, motivational speakers, and staff PD workshop facilitator. In such a good space with it all and I'm thankful to be given the chance to connect with & positively impact some next level people. Blessed. 


Loving it!

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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