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Terrigal High Schools Speaker | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

"Where were you when I was at school? That's needed for these kids."

-Teacher, Terrigal High


Because of the second wave of Covid, as a mental health speakers for schools, my talks & workshops are really needed at the moment. Unfortunately with new restrictions coming out though, it's getting trickier to reach those in need. I've been getting a heap of enquiries through to be motivational speakers for schools, and we've been tentatively booking the gigs in. A heap have had to be postponed, some big events cancelled, but others have luckily been allowed. A few big events I had that were cancelled included conferences for principals where I was speaking and holding workshops for two days, corporate motivation speaker for events, and even my first international event in New Zealand for an LJ Hoooker conference. I've just been riding the wave and understanding that we're all facing these uncertain times, so we just have to be fluid with our energy, thoughts, and schedules (easier said than done at times).

Luckily a recent booking to be mental health speakers for schools was allowed to go ahead at Terrigal High school which is on the central coast of NSW.

I left QLD (where I live just over the border) on the Sunday for a big drive south. The drive would be broken up though as I'd stay at my parents for the night on the way down. I've said it a heap, that I love long drives. It slows my thinking, I can get deep into my podcasts, and then reflect on how my life is going. I think how society is set up, people don't have enough space to sit still and reflect, or we do have the space to do so but other things come in to play that may seem like they have more of a priority. For me, nothing is more important for me than my state and peace of mind - everything comes off that.

I'm not perfect though, and I still feel stickiness and an overactive and doubtful mind from time to time... This is a little reminder for me to show that something I'm currently doing, or not doing, isn't working. So I need to change something, and I do. I sit, reflect, read, meditate, ask for advice, and make some changes. 

Driving for the big drive south allowed me to realise some cool stuff (personal stuff that I won't share) and some not so cool things that I needed to change about myself.

Arriving at Mum and Dad's, I was met with a big group hug which instantly warmed my soul. Chiliing out with those two is something I cherish deeply.

The next morning I woke early for the couple of hour drive to be motivational speaker for schools, Terrigal High school.

Arriving at the school, I met with an incredible teacher, Ty Purnell. I've had the honor of meeting some inspiring and caring people on this speaker journey, and Ty was definitely one of those. He gave me some further info on the students, and then it was game time. The sessions were all solid, and afterwards I chatted with some tearful students as always, and they expanded on my talk and gave me insight into their stories - that part is my favourite. A few students were keen to read my book Stabbed Ego, so they grabbed a copy (GET YOURS HERE).

It was two sessions of 300 odd students and the energy of those sessions were extremely electric. During my talk, even though the students are still and their eyes glued to me, I can feel a burning energy build up in each of them as my messages hit them deep. After the talk, this energy is expelled a little as they fill me in on what they got out of the talk. Again... I love this stuff x

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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