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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Motivational Speakers For Schools | Mackay | Luke Kennedy

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"The way you spoke and moved, portrayed you as a very confident and overall a nice person.  As a whole year group, we all needed that push of motivation to gain the confidence to do the things we wanted to do. You have motivated us not to think about others opinions and to strive for the best as we are still young and still mentally developing. We can’t thank you enough Luke, you don't know how much you have positively impacted our lives."
- Year 9 student.

It’s not often (once a year) I get to speak and connect with students on my birthday so this trip to Mackay was something I was looking forward to - speaking to students and doing my thing on my 38th birthday. 

It was Another successful trip to Mackay as motivational speakers schools and events.

It was a quick trip to Mackay, and this is how it looked..


Day 1 (my birthday!)

Motivational speakers for primary schools at St Marys Primary school south Mackay.

I was holding a keynote speakers talk for years 5-6 & then a parent and community event where I was mental health speakers for the parents and community,


Day 2 

Speakers for high school students at North Mackay state high school. This was two talks for the students.

A high school speaker talk for year 7 and then a resilience speakers for year 8. 

I drove to Brisbane on Sunday afternoon for my flight to Mackay. Arriving at Mackay pretty late I got my hire car and doing my accomodation. I slept early and woke up fresh for the day ahead. Did I mention it was my birthday? 

I went to breakfast as I was answering call from family and friends who were singing happy birthday and sending their love.

I’m usually already pretty happy to be motivational speakers for schools but this day was extra buzzy. 

I arrived at St Marys primary school as motivational speaker for primary schools and met with the organiser of the event. I also chatted with the very welcoming and accommodating women at the front office. 


Afterwards I was introduced to the principal who was such a wholesome man. I could tell the day was going to be great! I often get an insight into how the students are going to be just by meeting the staff and leaders of the school. That being said, it was obviously going to be a great talk with some amazing students.


I wasn’t wrong! 

After setting up my presentation the students came rolling in. I remember when I was at school, even though I rarely behaved, I still loved watching the motivational speakers. I watched a lot of the students excitedly sit down and done waved and gave me peace signs. Coolest!

The talk went sooooo good. I felt all the messages delivering to the eager students who were exceptionally behaved, and at the final sentence was cheered with a loud applause. 

I then open it up to questions and if it wasn’t for the principal cutting the questions after a good half an hour, I think those eager students would still be asking them! So good!

After the talk I went and had some lunch before going to the gym. I love my gym time and it’s a nice refresher after being a motivational speaker throughout the day.


I went back to my accomodation after the session, got some nice sun, and then had a shower before the mental health speakers event.


I arrived at 6 for the event that started at 6:30, put some music on so it wasn’t too awkward for those sitting in the hall already, and then set up my presentation slides.

They had great numbers for the event which was another reflection on how great the school community is at St Mary’s.

I thoroughly enjoy my parent and community talks. We get super deep and it’s always very well received. 

Afterwards there were some questions and chatted one on one too which is always great to do.

It was a great birthday and was blessed to spend it with the St Mary’s crew.

I had another nice sleep and woke early to go to the same brekky spot, Grazing Goat. I go there every time I’m in Mackay - quality spot!

After scoffing down my breakfast and coffee I went to North Mackay state high to be speakers for for high school students.


After speaking with the organiser I was given a little more insight into the students and was looking forward to getting into it.

Both talks went very well! I was told by the organiser that the deputy principal swung past and asked her to get me in earlier for the students next year. Gotta love that type of feedback!




After the talk me I chatted with the students and answered their students.

What a great trip!

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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