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Luke Kennedy | Motivational Speakers For Youth | Port Macquarie


My recent trip as motivational speakers for schools to Port Macquarie had been in plans for a couple of years. When  organising a schools speakers talk, there's many things that have to be taken into account. Most school's schedule is planned many months in advance (sometimes the full year is planned), so chuck in a motivational speakers for kids visit, and it can throw a lot of things out of whack. There's the schools schedule we have to work around, and also mine. Most weeks I'm interstate, so a visit to a school for me has to be planned months ahead. There are some occasions where I can visit on short notice, though it's rare.
My visit to St Joseph's in Port was for the whole school which was approx. 1000 kids all in the same talk. I also had a parent/community mental health event the night before. It was planned differently to my usual talks, as generally I'm guest speaker for school students first, then I speak with the parents.

I connect with and make the strongest impact with the students who then go home and speak to their parents about the talk. Usually the parents arrive super keen after hearing about the connection made during the day, but this time it was the parents fresh without knowing too much about me (except for an online stalk).

I had a 6 hour drive from my new place in Coolangatta where I'm living, and during the drive down I listened to podcasts (you can listen to mine here The Stabbed Ego Project on iTunes).
The drive went perfect and it's nice to cruise in my car to a gig. I don't mind driving, and this drive was beautiful.

Arriving at Port Macquarie, I had an interview planned with Port News (you can read it here). A reporter contacted me after hearing a motivational speakers for kids and community was in town.
I used to get extremely nervous when being interviewed for anything, but now it's really chilled and I enjoy the chat. I suppose if you do anything long enough, it becomes a walk in the park.
Speaking of park, we headed across the road to a park, for a couple of photos for the article and then I jumped in my car to head to my Airbnb.

The room was perfect! I like getting an Airbnb instead of a hotel, so I can have my own kitchen to make my food.

Having a long shower and freshening up after the drive, I got ready for my parent and community mental health event.

Arriving at the school I was surprised with how big it was and super pumped to get into my talk.
The organisers of my visit Ebanie Green, and Peta Rourke were there to greet me and help out with carrying my books, Stabbed Ego, inside (grab a copy here).
The parent night was planned to have approx 60 people attend, so I brought a few boxes with me.
All the teachers and the principal were incredibly welcoming and excited. I love holding the parents and community mental health events!
The parents started rolling in and soon I was doing my thing.
I was hitting my deep points, and I watched as heads eagerly agreed with some of my points, and then had big belly laughs at some of my jokes (I like to think I'm pretty funny). I not only love opening the minds of the audience, motivate them, and give them effective mental health strategies, but I also really love to entertain and make them laugh.
I connect well with any audience, and this connection is what I feel gives me the good reputation I have as one of the most sought after motivational speakers for schools, mental health events, and reducing stress workshop facilitator.

After the talk, all those I attendance were asked to fill out a feedback form. A summarised report is right here...


A heaps of parents grabbed a copy of my book, Stabbed Ego, and stuck around to chat. Afterwards I headed back to my Airbnb to wind down and have a long snooze. Usually when heading back after a talk I read all the messages I receive online. I've mentioned in my podcast that I've disconnected from my social media accounts, so one negative (not really a negative because I'm just having a break for my own mind) from that is I don't receive as many messages from peeps telling me about their insight.

I woke early the next morning and hooked up with a good mate for coffee and breakfast. I only had the single session booked in for the day, so I planned trying out a yoga studio after my talk. I would usually head straight home after my talks but I planned to stay in Port over the weekend (My student talk was on Friday) because I had a few mental health speakers talks in Tamworth on the Monday. Tamworth was about 3 and a half hours from Port, so instead of driving all the way home for the weekend and then driving all the way back down on the Monday, I decided to just chill out over the weekend.

Arriving at the school again, this time for the motivational speakers for high schools talk, and it was bright, colourful, and an electric energy as 1000 students were maneuvering around for their Upbeat Day. I was the guest speaker for the event and they also had a full day of activities and student performances.

Talk about energy!!!!! I stood on stage as 1000 students all walked into the hall carrying their seats. With the scratching of seat legs on floor boards, the students sat down facing me, waiting.

I crushed it!

I delivered really strongly, and afterwards I spent some good time with a whole bunch of different students as they told me about their lives, insight, and what they wanted to do with their lives.
Some students cried and gave me a hug and thanked me. Others asked me questions. A heap got photos.
A few bought my book.

After the talk, I went for some lunch and then booked in for a yoga session at Yoga One Nine Studio. I arrived at the studio and it was still locked, but a man and lady also waiting outside introduced themselves and we chatted for a bit while we waited for the instructor. The guy I met was names Rob, and instantly I felt a strong connection with him. Such a wholesome and friendly aura, and after being let into the studio, we both sat at the front of the class and kept our chat going before it was yoga time!

The class was great! Instructor was a kind soul, she knew her stuff, and threw in different poses I hadn't tried before. Loved it! The studio felt perfect too. I'm big on frequency, vibes, energy and all that cool shit. This place had it all. I was told by Rob that the next day One Night had a hip hop yoga session, and I was keen to give it a crack. I love my hip hop, and my yoga. To combine both was heaven.

Yoga One nine.jpg

I spoke to Rob and his girlfriend briefly before heading down to the water to chill out.

The next morning I woke early and watched the sunrise as I read the book I'm currently rereading, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Game changer!

All day I just chilled, ate, read, and then snoozed. I was excited for the hip hop yoga that was in the evening!

Arriving at the studio, I walked in and was greeted by the instructor who had a bright and beautiful smile. Her happy energy was infectious, and with hop hop beats bouncing in the background, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be.
As others rocked into the studio, we were given a run down on how the session would go.
It was seriously one of the best yoga practices I've ever been in!! The instructor knew her shit, played the best beats, pushed me to a new level, made us all laugh, and at the same time delivered some deep enlightenment talk. I sooooo hope I get to go back there!!!

Yoga Nine Port

Heading to my Airbnb, I passed out early for another fresh day ahead in Port.

I watched the sunrise again, and then headed into town for coffee and brekky. After brekky, I walked around and noticed an art gallery, Art of the Empire (check out their Facebook HERE) that was having it's opening weekend.  I walked up the stairs and was already super impressed with some of the pieces that lined the walls towards the entrance. It was a modern and fresh gallery, with talented street artists, aboriginal art, cartoonists, and portraits.
If you've read my book, Stabbed Ego, you'd know about my upbringing in the Sydney graffiti scene. That being said, I like to think I have an eye to modern art.

And the studio had coffee!!! I grabbed a coffee that tasted perfect and strolled around the gallery . Usually I'd be in my head thinking about sharing some of the beautiful art on my Insta story, or Facebook page. Being disconnected to social, I rarely even have my phone on me anymore. Not having my phone, I was present and appreciated what was right there in front of me.
The gallery fit out was top notch and I spoke with the owner who said he was looking at making it into a brekky spot. If this happens, I'll happily take the drive back down there for this (and yoga of course).

I then had a few hours drive to Tamworth where I was guest motivational speakers for high schools. I had two sessions booked in for the students there on the Monday (next day).

Driving to Tamworth was an interesting drive. The road took me up a mountain for an hour or so where I had to navigate windey and narrow roads.
Finally arriving in Tamworth, I rode my new long board skater down the main road to stretch my legs a bit and then got some more food supplies for Monday.

I woke early the next morning and did some yoga and body weight strength work before getting ready for the big day ahead.  I actually had two motivational speakers for kids talks at the high school and then one at the PCYC.
I was contacted not too long ago by a police officer, Danielle Witton, who saw me speak last year in Tamworth. She was such a caring and beautiful soul who put in so much for the youth of Tamworth. Constable Dani contacted me and asked if I could spare an hour after my day at the school and speak to her youth group at the PCYC that have faced a range of different issues, and wanted me to speak with and make a difference.

Arriving at Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School, I was told that the students were super excited for my talk. 
Let's do this!
I was also told that Prime 7 news would be there and they asked if I could do an interview as well as some of the students. Like I said earlier, I used to be terrified of speaking to the media, but now it was all good.

I've been getting really strong with my talks, and felt the energy in the room needed some real strength in the delivery. Not using a microphone allowed me to get solid with my tone and as a result I could feel a deep connection.

After the first talk, I was given a huge applause and some of the students came up to me with tears and told me about their lives and how they could relate to my talk.
I feel blessed to be able to travel Australia as a motivational speakers for schools. To get instant feedback is something I always honour and appreciate.
The news then arrived and I had an interview with them (you can see this interview HERE), and then they stuck around to get some footage of my talk.
After my talk, a young man came up to me who was very emotional and told me that he had been bullied at his previous school because he was autistic. We chatted about what he got out of the talk and then I gave him a hug as well as a copy of one of my books. I asked him to keep in touch, and let me know what he thinks once he's read the book. He promised me that he would. Looking forward to that.

After the talk, I had a quick feed, and then had to rush to the PCYC. Meeting Dani inside, she then gave me a run down on the youth there, and I loved watching her speak passionately about those she obviously really cared for.

The talk was to a small group which allowed for a great connection and stare into each of their eyes as I was hitting my points.

Afterwards I chatted again with Dani and then jumped in the car for a 7 hour drive... the drive home after being guest motivational speakers is one that I love. It's job done, and then I get to reflect on what was achieved.


Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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