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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Speakers on Resilience | Brisbane | Luke Kennedy


"Hi Luke, Thank you so much again, you are the highest rating guest speaker we have ever had!" - Hayley Wilkinson, Teacher Springfield State

The first week back in term four as guest motivational speakers for schools was a big one. It started in Queensland as I was a motivational speakers at Springfield state school. This was an event for years 7 & 8.

It was a big group and I was given a bit of a run down by the teacher who had organised the event.

The main focus was to be a speaker on resilience and mental health speakers.


It was a couple hours drive north east of home, and on the way I listened to a podcast and caught up on some calls. With the hour difference between QLD & NSW i had to do a few double takes to ensure I was on the correct schedule. 

I arrived at reception 35 mins before start time but looked at my phone and was struck with a bit of worry as an email headline “where are you?” From the organiser. 

As a motivational speakers for schools, I’ve never been late for event, and I like to keep it that way.

My worry was lessened when I realised she was just checking on my ETA. I thought she was suggesting I was late.

Anyways! Meeting with the teacher I was taken into the huge stadium/hall and set up while the teachers were prepping the kids and doing roll call.

Before being guest speakers I ask if the students can be seated on seats because sitting on a floor for an hour or so can be uncomfortable. Connection & holding that connection throughout is incredibly important, so seats are always the best option for that. 

This time it wasn’t an option so the few hundred students had to sit on the floor. 

It’s still always great, but i have to work to really hold them.


The session went incredibly smoothly & afterwards there was a plethora of deep questions.

I also received this from the teacher the next day…


Hi Luke,

Thank you so much again, you are the highest rating guest speaker we have ever had!


Gotta love that kind of feedback :)

Thank God.



That talk was on the Monday and I was tossing up whether I should stay in QLD for my next event on the Wednesday or head home to be with my new fiancé :)

I chose the latter and headed home.being a motivational speakers for schools and speakers on resilience I’m away from home pretty often. With my new fiancé and upcoming family we plan to have next year, I want to look at grouping my talks better & also getting a course released for online. 


That being said, I went home for two nights and then left early on the Wednesday morning to speak at Cooparoo state. 

This was for a motivational speakers for primary schools talk Yrs 4-6 and then a staff PD session. 


For the first time on my speakers journey I took an esky with me. My amazing fiancé prepared my meals for 3 days, got me an esky, and chucked 4 ice bricks in it to keep my food fresh until I reached my accommodation. How good!! :)


I arrived an hour early to the event. When visiting spots as motivational speakers Brisbane I give myself a lot of time because of the traffic. Sometimes I get there super early which is a better option than stressing in traffic.


Getting to the spot early gave me the chance to catch up on some sleep. I didn’t have the best sleep the night prior so I put my chair back and had a good 25 min snooze. It was perfect!

Waking up fresh, I arrived at the school and was greeted by a man I was looking forward to meeting, John Kennedy. He was no relation but with our chats leading up to it, I was excited to meet the obviously kind and passionate man. 

We had a great chat and then was taken into the hall to set up. 

All the students came trotting into the hall and were so well behaved! 

The connection throughout was tangible and afterwards I answered another large amount of questions. 

Students came up afterwards to have a personal chat & ask more questions. Love it!


I had a short rest in preparation for the Staff PD workshop and then they all came rolling in too. 

The staff sessions are always a great time, and they’re always super engaged. 

After the successful talk, I sat and chatted with more teachers and then was escorted out to my car. What a great day! 

Thanks for having me Coorparoo state school.


I then had close to a 4 hour drive to Chinchilla for a big Thursday ahead.

Chinchilla looked like 

Motivational speakers for primary schools Yrs 3-4

Speakers on bullying Yrs 5-6

Parent talk

Staff PD workshop


I woke up early for a quick “at home” training session and breakfast. 

I arrived at Chinchilla state primary school at 9am for a 9:30 start. Meeting with the deputy principal, Andrew Dixon, and after listening to him speak about his students & community, I knew it was going to be a fulfilling day. 


Both of the primary school speakers talks went positively (looking to use different words!), and we even had to cut the questions off because there was so many abc we ran out of time!


After the two student talks, I had the parent. The parents that were there open and super receptive! It was more of a conversation style talk for this one and it made the whole talk engaging and deep.


Straight after the parent talk was the Staff PD workshop.

With the laughs throughout the day I knew wholeheartedly that the teacher session was going to be a blast. 

It was exactly that! With a lot of contemplative head nods, belly laughs, and written notes, it was evidence of a successful event. 

What a day!


After 4 talks/workshops in a day, I can be pretty spent, however this time, a day spent with energetic people, and a lot of food and supplements prepped by my soon to be wife, I felt great. A little tired, but great.


I headed back to my accommodation for a feed, chill out, and then a well deserved rest.


I had to get up early on the Friday to drive to Wilsonton high school. I was speaking with year 8 and was excited to get into it! 

After a big day, it’s nice to have a single motivational speakers event the next day. I arrived at Wilsonton and spoke to the students. I know I say it often but the connections have been next level, and this one at Wilsonton took it to another level. There wasn’t a single whisper throughout & at the end of the presentation a loud and long applause from students and teachers was nice to receive.


Now it was back in my car for a 3 hour drive back to the Northern Rivers.


Was a great first week back into term 4!!

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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