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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Motivational Speakers on Resilience | Tasmania | Luke Kennedy

Another fulfilling motivational speakers tour down to Tasmania. I’ve visited Tasmania as a speaker for schools a heap of times, and every time I head down there it’s super special. Special in connection, outcomes, and shared insight.


I drove up to Brisbane to get my flight to Tassie on the Sunday. The flight was for 2 and a half hours, and when landing, I jumped into my hire car and searched for a steak spot.


I found a spot and then with a belly full of food checked into my Airbnb.


I had a great sleep in preparation for the big day ahead at Scotch Oakburn College. The day was scheduled…


Motivational speaker for events for Years 9-10 first up.


Speakers for schools for years 6-8


Resilience speakers for schools for years 11-12


Then a parent/Community event in the evening.



With the big day ahead, I made sure I was all stocked up with a big feed and my hydration.


Arriving at the school 30 mins early like I always do, I met with an amazing woman, the school psychologist Kylie Woolstencragy 


Immediately when I met her I could tell we were going to connect and it was going to be a very great day and evening ahead.


I was escorted to the spectacular auditorium and set up my presentation.


Then all the students came into the hall. As the students were coming into the hall the school chaplain, Grace, came over and introduced herself.  I commented how perfect her name was for her job role and we shared a giggle. 


The students and myself were all ready to go and immediately I felt a strong connection with them. That was held throughout and then after the motivational speakers for schools presentation I opened things up for questions. 


After the questions a couple of emotional young men came up for a private chat. They told me a few things they had been facing and we chatted deeply about it.

I told them that showing their emotions is a superpower and I thanked them for their openness. 


It was so powerful.


The next talk was with the juniors and I spoke with Kylie about possibly PGing my story/content for what I’d normally do with motivational speakers for primary schools. It was with yrs 6-8 so we chatted about this and decided and going all in with them too.

It was the correct decision because they were receptive, mature, and the questions they asked afterwards were sensational!


After that session I went for lunch with Kylie and I got to hear some of her story. I suggested that she should be on that stage speaking considering her mindset after what she’d been through. I won’t go into detail here for privacy reasons, but wow, what a strong woman!


Next up was the resilience speakers for schools for years 11-12. Talk about a mature bunch! The audience is just as important in the talks when it comes to outcomes, and these guys were top of the range. Great session!


I then had a few hours before the parent evening. 

I went for another steak :-) and then had a 30 min snooze before the mental health speakers for events.


It was an absolute privilege to speak with the students of Scotch Oakburn, and then speaking with the parents was the cherry on top. It was another great session with top notch people, and messages and chats afterwards proved the day and evening was a huge success.


Usually when on a motivational speakers tour, all the days are back to back with presentations. I was lucky enough have a day free on the Tuesday so I spent the day at a cafe, gym, and then got two massages. Yep, two! The first one I wasn’t happy with, so I searched for another. 

I’m glad I did because the second one was just what I was looking for. I love a firm and deep massage to get rid of the nots I get through gym and lots of travel.


I then had a 3 1/2 hour drive to Strahan. I was booked to be resilience speaker for primary schools at Strahan Primary school. 


The drive was easy done and I arrived at my accommodation at about 8:30pm. 

I was fast asleep and woke early to get some brekky before the single talk for the day.

Strahan was pristine! What a stunning space, and after sitting at a cafe and chatting with some locals, I could tell it was a wholesome community.

I arrived at the school, met the organiser, Hayley, who had been incredibly resilient and accomodating to make the talk happen, and then she took me into the classroom to set up.

I met some if the students and they were just as wholesome as the locals I met at the cafe.

There’s something different about the young kids in smaller towns, they just seem a little more childlike and innocent. They seem connected to themself and are confident in who they are. These students were oozing with confidence and presence, and I was excited for the talk. 

There was some great insight and questions from the students even during the talk which welcoming to receive.


Afterwards there was a truckload of questions and I left Strahan inspired myself and with a big smile on my face.


What a great time in Tassie!!

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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