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Staff PD Workshops

Through story telling, lived experience, and humour, Luke delivers his extremely popular Staff PD Workshop. 

Included in the workshop:


  • Causes of stress & anxiety 

  • The impact stress & anxiety has on our personal and professional lives

  • Take home easy to follow steps on how to reduce stress and anxiety

"It was the best workshop we've had. I can actually use what I learnt to improve my life. Thank you."


- Teacher, Aubin Grove Primary

Luke's edgy and energetic approach gives him the ability to connect with, motivate, enlighten, and entertain an audience. It has resulted in deep lasting change for those he presents to. His unique style in facilitating a workshop has those in attendance stimulated and focused throughout. Whether it's the 90 min, half day, or full day workshop, Luke's received overwhelming feedback! 

"Thank you Luke. It was a fantastic session today. I have never before been to a staff PD day where EVERYONE stayed focused and loving it the whole day! Well done to you! Your insights and information come from first hand, which really makes everything so relatable and interesting. The Gratitude lists, the Achievement lists and the I Am statements are going to used in all of their glory!"

- Teacher, St Brigid's, Emerald.

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