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Wellington High School | Youth Speakers |  Sydney Motivational Speaker



Sydney youth Motivational Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, spoke to the students from Wellington High school. Luke travels Australia as an Anti-Bullying Speaker, Drug & Alcohol Speaker, and Resilience. 


 A few weeks after speaking at The Aboriginal Men's Health Expo is Dubbo, I was contacted by Jay Forrestor from Wachs (Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Services). Jay asked if I was available to speak to a bunch of kids in a camp at Burrendong Dam. I was happy to do so.


"Brother, I saw the impact you had on the boys at the expo and really want you to come back and speak again." -  Jay.


Not only was I there to speak at the camp but also at Wellington High. I arrived at the camp grounds on Sunday evening and was happy to see a good friend of mine, Joe Williams from The Enemy Within. Joe is a soldier in the mental health arena and we've crossed paths frequently on the speaking circuit.


After having a chat to Joe I met three men who impressed the hell out of me; Ed Daley, Steve Morris, and Jeff Amatta, From Brothers 4 Recovery. They told me about their hard times dealing with drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction. They're fighters. I respect fighters. It was their first time speaking to an audience about their journey's. I couldn't wait to hear them.


I met all the young kids. Probably about 20 of them. My first interaction with them was chasing a bunch of kangaroos through the bush. As a city boy, I was well out of my comfort zone and was praying those kangaroos wouldn't turn around.


Dinner was served before we set up a fire to hear the boys from Brothers 4 Recovery speak. It was the first time I'd seen a presentation around a fire. I loved it! The men were deep and honest. The boys listening were quiet and took in every word.



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The next day I woke early with Jay to go for a run. The sun was coming up over the glistening lake. It was a perfect start to a big day.

sydney motivational speaker, luke s kennedy, stabbed ego, author

After breakfast Jay, and a local police officer, Leigh, and myself headed to Wellington High. Arriving at the school I could already feel a great connection and energy. Presenting to the entire school I noticed not a single student was speaking. Every set of eyes watched on attentively.


"I've been a teacher at this school for 16 years. That was the best talk I've seen! - Teacher at Wellington High.


 I got photos with the students afterwards and was also hugged by the deputy principal. I really enjoyed speaking at Wellington high.


After the talk, Jay took us on a little tour of the town. Showing me his Wachs workplace and then the old aboriginal mission.


We headed back to the camp and I then spoke to those kids, and organisers. I have never had so many questions after a presentation. It was great! Questions open up the mind. I left Wellington at roughly 2:30 for the 5 hour trip home. On the drive home I smiled as I recounted an amazing trip to Wellington. Hope to be back soon.

Do you have an audience that need to be inspired? Let Luke present at your next event.

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