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Kincumber | Youth Mental Health Speakers For Schools | Luke S. Kennedy


I was chatting with a teacher from Kincumber last year after they heard of the impact I made at a neighboring school in Tumbi Umbi. I had a full day as guest mental health speakers last year speaking to all of the boys there. 4 motivational speeches back to back can really be demanding on your body And voice. When you love it though, you could do 4000 back to back.

I'm still getting messages from the students of Tumbi Umbi, and I love hearing how far they've come since my talk. I get messages like...

"Hey mate, I know you hear this all the time but that speech last year changed my life. A lot of my friends said it as well. I will never forget the talk. I'll be myself. Thanks Luke."

As a motivational speaker, and getting amongst other mental health speakers, we all comment on how hearing direct feedback and changes from our talks, is exactly what it's all about.

I love nothing more than to finish a big day speaking at schools, teacher stress workshops, or parent evenings, and then heading back to my accommodation and read all the messages from the day. I feel complete gratitude, and also excitement to hear about their ongoing journey. Since starting my journey as a motivational speakers back in early 2015, I'm extremely thankful that I'm still in regular contact with people even from back then.

Watching speakers and committing myself to personal development is what changed my life.

It's nice to be able to do the same for others.


Back to my conversation about speaking at Kincumber, my talk was initially supposed to be last year, but they had to postponed it to this month.


I'm now living in Brisbane, though travel interstate most weeks. Kincumber is my first talk of a full two weeks of being guest speakers at schools (primary & high school), teacher stress workshops, and parent mental health evenings. The two weeks is spread across NSW and Victoria. My talk in Kincumber had me in NSW for a couple of days before flying to Melbourne for the week, then back to NSW for a week before heading home to Brisbane.


Arriving at Kincumber I spoke with organiser of the event and he gave me another run down of his year 9 students. After chatting with him, I couldn't wait to rip in. I was give 100 minutes to talk, but was informed that if I finished around my scheduled 80 minutes, the students could get back to class. Having year 9 students sit for 100 minutes can be a tough ask, but I know I've got them after my opening sentence and loved the opportunity to get deep for 100 minutes.


Opening up, i saw the students sit a bit taller, and those not focused initially, were now staring intently.


I felt an instant connection and watched as there was nodded heads, and not a single word muttered in the next 90 minutes. Having time left over, meant I could get some questions out of them.

During my motivational speakers youth talk, I mention the little choices we make, or not make, because of the worries of what people might think. When asking the audience about any questions, often there isn't anyone brave enough to put their hands up first. I then refer back to the little choices and opportunities we miss due to our worries, so tell them that this is their first test of that, and that I'm not going anywhere until I get a question.


A hand will slowly raise. Then the flood gates open.

The teachers actually had to stop the questions as we ran out of time. I love hearing questions! It gives me an insight into their insight.


Afterwards some students came up to get some selfies and then the teachers approached me for a chat. They mentioned how happy they were with the presentation  and most of all how shocked they were at some of the questions coming from particular students who aren't usually open to asking.

That again, is what I love!


The organiser of the event, then asked me to check my calendar to see if I'm free next month to head back there to speak to a different group.



Next stop, Melbourne.


Guest motivational speakers, Luke S. Kennedy, travels Australia as a mental health speaker, mentor to troubled youth, and promoting self-awareness to succeed in any area of life.

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Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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