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Manly - Royal Far West | Youth Speakers For Schools | Anti-bullying Motivational Speakers Sydney



Youth and motivational speakers for schools, Luke S. Kennedy, traveled to Manly to speak to the students of Wellington High School. Luke's topics were Bullying Prevention, Drugs & Alcohol, and Youth Self-Care.

This is what i love. After speaking at Wellington High School a few months ago, I was asked to do a follow up session with a small bunch of the students. They're on a three day camp/getaway put on by Royal Far West. The three days is filled with activities, workshops, and motivational speakers. 

Motivational speaker, royal far west

The other motivational speakers and their topics were;

Sam Webb, suicide prevention speaker

Sam Webb - Livin. his topic is on Suicide Prevention & Awareness.

Jeremy Donovan, Motivational speakers sydney

Jeremy Donovan - Walking with Wisdom. His topic is on Cultural Identity.

I've seen Jeremy and Sam speak in the past, and I rate them highly. I spoke alongside these guys at The Aboriginal Men's Health Week, Dubbo. Jeremy does a hell of a lot for his Aboriginal culture. It's nice to see how much those in his community and across Australia look up to him. After listening to his story and seeing what's his up to now, this guy is a true inspiration. 

Both him and Sam Webb are great motivational speakers, and even better mentors and people.

There was two other guests who came along the next day that unfortunately missed;

Francis Cullimore & Alicia Quirk.

Then there was me. My topics were Drugs & Alcohol, Anti-Bullying (I wrote about this topic here), and Youth Self-Care. Three topics that I'm extremely passionate about. Being an anti-bullying speaker, I've heard some deep stories, and I feel that we are all on the right path towards change. 

I have a cool angle on these topics which connects well with the youth. I have traveled Australia as a motivational speaker, spreading the word and creating change. It's been a big couple of years, and i'm thankful for being able to use my story to motivate and inspire our youth

Motivational speaker Sydney, Brisbane, canberra, australia

Arriving in Manly, I noticed two students from Wellington High, waiting for me out front. These guys spirit is next level and it brought a smile on my face seeing them keenly waiting.


Walking into the facility I was surprised with how big it was. A massive spot primarily to help the development of country youth. 


I greeted all the students as they finished lunch and entered the room. With them was a young man, Brian Kelly. He's a strong Aboriginal man that plays in the NRL. He sat with the students as I started my talk. My talk was extremely interactive and it was great to see the input and thoughts of students, facilitators, and also Brian Kelly. I covered all topic and finished on a guided meditation to give an example on self-care. They loved the meditation and the picture below shows the result...

Youth depression & anxiety motivational speakers Sydney, bullying speaker, Luke S. Kennedy

After everyone woke up, we spoke about a few other ways to help calm our thoughts and doubts. I usually give my book, Stabbed Ego,  to the person that stepped up the most throughout the presentation and who gave their input. Everyone got a book this time because all the students got involved and gave some great insight. 

The event was incredible and I'm blessed to have been a part of it. Traveling Australia as a motivational speaker is something i never thought would be possible. it's amazing what can happen in life if we just keep taking steps forward and push through those doubts.

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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