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NSW School Tour | Motivational Speakers for Youth | Luke S. Kennedy


Another great tour achieved! After last week's tour of Victoria, and resting over the weekend, I was super pumped to get back into it and start inspiring our youth, teachers, and parents. Being a guest youth speakers for schools, it helps me to connect with myself as well and expand my mind. Why does this happen? Talking about mindset, self-awareness, mental health, resilience, as well as other topics, allows me to gain further insight by hearing the thoughts and feelings of those in the audience.


Every time I'm guest youth speakers for schools, I hear from the teachers that they're blown away by some of the students, who rarely open up, discussing their thoughts, and asking questions.

Below is a message received from a student at Goulburn Trinity College...



This is what I love, and I know the cliche comment "they teach me more than I teach them" is thrown around a bit, but to be honest, it's exactly what happens. We all leave one of my talks with more wisdom than before it started. Nothing better.


This week, after flying into Sydney from Victoria on Saturday, I spent the Sunday chilling out and checking over my schedule for the week. The week was a bit of a mix of sessions.


Monday I had a single talk as guest motivational speakers for schools at Trinity Catholic College, Goulburn. This was for the whole school, which was approx 450 students. I love speaking to the whole school, whether that's in a single session, or multiple.. if i speak to the whole school, it creates a huge supportive energy shift. Every student and teacher are using the same language, and can further discuss the deep points from the talk.



Tuesday I was guest speaker for another whole school, Northmead Creative and Performing Arts high school. This time the talks were split into 3 sessions

Yr 7-8, 9-10, 11-12.


Wednesday I had a bit of a different day I was used to, when I spoke at Cumberland High. I spoke at Cumberland last year, and I always love being invited  back (must be doing something right!). This was another full day with Yr 10 students. How the day ran, was I had the boys for first half, while another speaker was running a session

My first half consisted of my guest youth speakers for schools presentation, followed by my reducing youth stress and anxiety workshop. Both sessions ran for a little over an hour each.


Thursday I had a single session booked in at Northern Beaches PCYC. If you've been reading my blogs and previous portfolio posts, you would have seen that i was invited by a police officer to be speakers for youth at a program put together for a small group that have been disengaged from mainstream schooling. There was another police officer at that past event who saw the connection and impact made, so she invited me to speak to her youth group, which I did on the Thursday. I love speaking to any audience, though those that were on a similar path I used to walk on, are those I desperately love to help.

Waking early on the Monday, off I went for the drive. I've spoken about it previously, my like to be on the road, because I adore my alone time. I also get to hang out with the most amazing people in the world, via podcasts. If you haven't listened to mine, the STABBED EGO PROJECT, do so HERE after reading this post (don't ask for much lol).


Arriving at the school, I met the deputy principal who was pumped and ready to go. His happy energy was infectious, and after we fixed a couple of small issues with my pointer to change slides, I was good to go. The kids were already streaming in as we were attempting to fix the glitch, but as it always does, it worked out just in time. Being introduced by the deputy principal, I spent the next 70 minutes with 450 sets of eager eyes staring right at me. After the youth speakers for schools talk, I stuck around and answered personal questions, got selfies, and students bought copies of my book, Stabbed Ego. You can grab YOURS HERE (told you I don't ask for much).


The drive home is always special. Reflecting on the talk, the students stories and questions, and just being incredibly grateful for my life. The journey home always has messages from students and shared photos in my phone, so I generally have an enforced toilet stop so I can catch up on these. It's the best part.. Speaking of this best part, on of the students actually asked me what my favourite part was with my speaking. I told him it was a getting Instant feedback on mindset shifts. He saw an opportunity later, and messaged me to share his. He opened his message with "seeing as this is your favourite part, I thought I'd message you with some insight and questions. Cheeky :)

Another message received by one of the incredible students at Goulburn Trinity

Day 2!

The drive to Northmead which should be about a 40 no drive, took almost as long as the drive to Goulburn, thanks to good old Sydney traffic.

arriving at the school i was ecstatic to meet the principal and organise of the event, .......

Leading up the guest youth motivational speakers for schools event, I could tell she was gking to be great. I wasn't wrong. Her caring and infectious smile raised my energy even higher and got me pumped for the big day ahead. 3 sessions almost back to back can really take it out of you. But Northmead was different. The students, teachers, and myself all rode the wave of energy for what was an incredibly special day. With the Mic dropping in and out, I scrapped it and used all of my voice to drive the messages into the students minds. And oh did it work!!

Some of this messages were from students directly after. ...



Leaving the school, I could hear students from all corners, hollering out to say goodbye and wish me luck. Talk about a happiness!!! It feels great.



After speaking all day, I went to where I was staying and had an hour snooze before hitting the gym and looked over all the messages from the students.

Northmead High school students were open to sharing their insight....

Day 3
Wednesday was the biggest day of them all. Pretty much 4 session back to back with a break for recess and lunch.

Arriving at the school after dodging through Sydney traffic again (get me back to Brisbane), I met with the teacher who had organised both this, and last year's event. With a bright smile, she asked me to sign into the office before heading to the same spot as last year, the library.

On the way to the library I came across the other speaker,  and wished him luck for the day.
Before entering the library, I was pulled aside by a teacher who needed to chat. She told me of a yr 9 student they were going to include in the day. Be was having some issues and they asked if I could spemd some time with him before and after my talk. Of course!!! Meeting the young man, I saw purity and potential. He'd just gotten mixed up in the wrong crowd and needed to mame some decisions. Out of respect for him, I won't go further into our communication, but I'm extremely happy to say we had s breakthrough chat after, and ongoing messages too. He also promised to read my book! Which writing this has just reminded me to send him a copy!

The youth speakers were both introduced to all the students before they were informed of how the day was going to run.

The girls left for their talk, while the boys stayed with me.

I hit home as always, and watched my main man who I spoke about earlier nodding his head with enthusiasm.

The girls were just the same, and afterwards I smiled as I overheard a couple of them chat amongst themselves about things they're going to start changing.


Driving out the Northern Beaches of Sydney, again almost took as long as the drive to Goulburn (yay!).


Arriving at the PCYC, I was blown away by the facilities! Growing up around boxers and PCYC's, they were always a little run down with nothing but spirit and community to keep them going. This PCYC had the same but with a few million in top notch facilities. It was huge!

Arriving I met with the senior constable, another beautiful soul, and then she took me into the room to set up. As the boys rocked in, I saw my past self in many of them. I go a little harder with my story, language, and even raise my voice a little more with an audience like these boys. They respect me more because of it, and it leaves a lasting impression.


Telling my story in front of a room full of youth, and police officers, really spins me out! I talk about some heavy things I did, and what happened to me. The police respect my openness, and I respect their passion for helping our youth. They put their lives into these kids!

Another tour down... and another coming up.

Keep your eyes open for what's next :)


Guest speakers for schools, & youth motivational speakers, Luke S. Kennedy is Australia's most requested speakers for primary schools, high schools, corporate key note speaker, and one of the happiest people of all time (and pretty humble hahaha).


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