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Resilience Speaker Luke Kennedy.

Australia's Most Requested Motivational Speaker
Luke Kennedy

"They were absolutely gripped by his story and messages. It's created a tremendous shift and I'm so grateful." 

-Jillian Shapiro, School Psychologist | Reddam House Sydney 

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Luke is a thoroughly engaging speaker whose message of motivation and aspiration will leave your students feeling like they could run through a brick wall. His message his powerful and thought provoking as he relays his life journey and the lessons he has learnt. He left our students with some clear messages of hope and tangible ways of being true to what they desire in life. After almost 20 years in education, he is the most inspiring student guest speaker that I have heard.

- Andrew Rixby, Teacher, Cessnock

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"Hi Luke, I go to Blaxland East and I would like to tell you my story. I have very bad anxiety and I always feel down on myself. I'm always sad and I don't want to go to school but when I heard your story I thought and I realized that you got through it so I can too. You really inspired me. Thanks and good luck in your gym and I hope you help other kids by telling them your story."

-  Yr 5 Student, Blaxland Primary

"Luke's the Best We've Seen!"

- Optus Marketing Team

"He's the Best We've Had!"

- Andrew Savvas, Business Excellence Manager, ANZ.

"The impact you had on our year 4-6 was significant. They are still talking about it and we have seen a marked difference in the students being more ‘present’, particularly around adults."

- Donna Snow, Principal Wembley Primary

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"I just wanted to say thanks for your positive affect on my son. You came and gave a talk to his class. My son came up to you and thanked you for your openness and willingness to share your story and air your demons.

He was moved, almost to tears  he told me - he could see himself drifting down that same pathway, I think he is on a better path now, still not whole nor healed but putting one foot in front of the other.

He now recognises the differences and the possible end results - highlighted by your story - for this I thank you!"

- Parent, Fraser Coast Anglican

Elevate Your Potential with Inspiring Speeches

Luke S. Kennedy is a motivational speaker in Australia known for his powerful talks on resilience, overcoming adversity, and mental health. He engages diverse audiences, including schools, corporate events, and community groups. With a background of personal transformation from a troubled past, through his "breathtaking" & thought-provoking story, his speeches inspire change, self-awareness, and personal growth.


Luke offers tailored keynotes and workshops designed to address specific needs, promoting self-care, authenticity, and a positive growth mindset. His impactful presentations have influenced over 100,000 individuals across Australia.

Depending on the audience there's a huge range of topics that are covered in Luke's talks & workshops - 

 Resilience, Motivation, Self-Reflection, Overcoming Adversity, Mental Health/Self-care, Authenticity, Drug & Alcohol, Being open to change and feedback, plus more...

Who I Am

Like most of us, I've had some heavy and harsh experiences in my life but I'm now extremely thankful to have overcome those challenges. 

My presentation isn't your typical "bad guy gone good" story, because there's plenty of those, and we've heard a heap of them (they get pretty repetitive after a while), I use my story to first grab the audiences attention, open them up emotionally & mentally, and then weave the messages throughout.

I am a catalyst for change and with 15 years of experience and a passion for inspiring others, I specialise in uplifting and motivating individuals and teams. As Head of Wellbeing put it..

"Luke is substantially more than a ‘drive through’ motivational speaker. Luke motivates, yes.... But it would be a big mistake to limit what he does with that description. Luke is adept at performing ‘open heart’ surgery on young hearts. The impact of Luke and what he communicates was experienced and is still being experienced on every level of our school community; students, staff and parents."

My Approach

For Schools -   Through "on the edge of your seat" stories and engaging talks, interactive workshops, and immersive experiences, I inspire students to believe in themselves, build resilience, reduce the negative beliefs & anxieties,  unlock their potential, and pursue their dreams fearlessly. My talks & workshops have impacted audiences all across Australia by instilling a growth mindset, & equipping students with the tools they need to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

For Corporations -    I'm sure we can all agree that life at the moment is pretty hectic! We've reached a bit of a breaking point. 

My corporate speaking engagements aren't just all content based (boring!), they're tailored to drive self-reflection, boost morale, inspire people to be open to change and feedback, strengthen the individual, and empower the individual to start looking after themselves. Whether it's igniting creativity, building resilience, or fostering a culture of collaboration, I deliver actionable insights and practical strategies to empower your workforce and elevate your organisation

What I Offer

Keynote Speeches -  

"RAW... POWERFUL... EMOTIONAL... REAL" - Woolworths Head of Audit

Workshops -  Half Day or Full Day workshops are interactive sessions designed to deepen the learning from my keynote. 

Why Choose Me?

Proven Track Record - 15 years experience of changing over 100,000 lives, with audiences from primary schools, high school, businesses, and prisons.

Tailored Solutions -  Everyone is different so I take the time to understand your needs, customise my approach, and deliver the talk suited to your demographic.

Let's Connect

Ready to get in touch?  - Contact me today to learn more about how we can work together, discuss your specific needs, and book in your event. 

"You came to my school today and it was the first time I actually listened to one of the motivational speakers and I got so much out of your speech. I have been having a lot of issues at home and I always thought it was going to ruin my life. Your talk showed me that we can do whatever we want in life, and our current lives don't always mean it will always be like that."

- Yr 9 Student, Engadine High

"Thank you Luke. It was a fantastic session today. I have never before been to a staff PD day where EVERYONE stayed focused and loving it the whole day! Well done to you! Your insights and information come from first hand, which really makes everything so relatable and interesting."

- Teacher, St Brigid's, Emerald


Luke S. Kennedy

For eight years, Luke was an obese alcoholic, drug addict (Luke PG's story and content for primary aged students) & street fighter.

On the outside, he looked strong and confident, even happy at times, but on the inside his thoughts would haunt him. He was incredibly scared, depressed, anxious, paranoid, and hated himself.


Being stabbed on two separate occasions, and close to death numerous other times, Luke's future wasn't looking bright.

Speakers on resilience Luke Kennedy

Topics Covered (altered for each audience)

  • Resilience

  • Dealing with Change & Uncertainty

  • Mental Health/Self-Care

  • Motivation & Inspiration

  • Reducing Fear, Anxiety, and Stress (workshops available)

  • How to Be Yourself & Stop Worrying What people think

  • Bullying (Self-Bullying & Impact of Negative Self Talk)

  • Detaching from Labels & Negative Beliefs

  • Body Image


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Luke S. Kennedy

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