Why is Motivational Speaker,  Luke S. Kennedy, Australia's most requested Speakers for

Topics Covered...

  • Resilience​

  • Mental Health/Self-Care

  • How to Be Yourself & Stop Worrying What people think

  • Reducing Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

  • Bullying (Self-Bullying)

  • Becoming Aware of, and reducing, limiting thoughts and beliefs

"Luke made a huge impact on our team here at the NRL."

- NRL CEO, Todd Greenberg.

"The BEST Speaker we've had!."

- Andrew Savvas, Business Excellence Manager, ANZ.

For eight years of his life, Luke was an obese alcoholic and drug addicted thug. Leading a violent street fighting crew, he was stabbed on two separate occasions; once in the lung, the other time in the head (Luke PG's Story for Primary Schools)

On the outside he looked strong and confident, on the inside his thoughts would come to haunt him. He was incredibly scared, depressed, anxious, and awkward in social situations. Luke always worried what other people thought about him which led to him committing some harsh acts and missing out on many positive opportunities.

Luke's presentation isn't your typical Bad Guy Gone Good. Through 'on the edge of your seat' stories, Luke inspires deep, lasting change, and self-awareness, for a wide range of audiences, from large corporations, events, to primary schools, high schools, and even prisons.

He opens up the audience’s eyes, and mind, to their ego – to the labels that we battle to live up to, and relates his story back to some of the masks the audience would be wearing. He then shows how these labels, and worrying what other people think, is ruining our relationships, following through on ideas (it could be as simple as not making those crucial sales calls, or not putting your hand up in class), happiness, and success in every area of life. Becoming aware of ones ego and labels, is the first step towards releasing it....




"From the five keynotes on the day, guest speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, received overwhelming and sensational feedback. The audience raved about the content, delivery, and message from Luke."

-  BX, CEO, Matt Alderton

"The Best Bit Of Professional Learning I've Witnessed In 15 Years."

Teacher, Wellington.

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“Your talk has saved my life, I thought I was the only one with these thoughts. I thought I was crazy. I’m going to stop worrying what other people think and start being myself. Thank you again!”

- Yr 9 Student.

"...It was the best bit of professional I've witnessed in over 15 years! Amazing youth speaker.” - Teacher, Wellington High

"...a great story that's told exceptionally well. It resonated with our attendees and has incurred a lot of follow up discussion. the enthusiasm of everyone to get a copy of your book was a testament to the inspiring theme and tone of your talk."

- CEO Mister Minit, Mark Rusbatch 

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Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speakers Sydney | Mental Health Advocate 
Author of 'Stabbed Ego' which was Best-seller in two categories; Mental Health - Depression & Spiritual - Self-Help