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2018 was huge!


What a year 2018 was...

Traveling the country as "the most sought after guest speaker" for a whole range of events has been something special.

This year has seriously been the best year of my life. I've been guest motivational speaker to 10's of thousands of people, and caught close to 100 planes, and visited every state in the country.

There was streams of tears, plenty of laughs, encouraging head nods, and deep and powerful messages from students, corporate peeps, and even prisoners.


The best thing about the year was the people I got to meet.


I often feel like a little an impostor when people say how inspiring inspiring I am, and what a great job I'm doing as a motivational speaker.. but to be honest, I'm not doing anywhere near the amazing work of those that rarely get a mention.

There's beautiful people I've met this year that invest every ounce of their energy, time, and forfeit money and even bonding time with families, just so they can help people.

I put a heap of energy in too, but nowhere near what a lot of these people do. They're on the front line every single day! Battling departments for more funding or help, going up against harsh words from parents or carers who aren't aware of their selfless work, and they work far more hours than what they're paid for.


These guys are the true heroes...


I've met teachers who have seen some of their students suffering big time, and as a result from this have taken on these students as their own foster children!!! They've literally saved these kids' lives.

I've met people who have left their own families for months to go into rural communities to be hands on and make big changes.

Parents with the most beautiful energy imaginable who are holding onto every word I say, in the hope of helping their children who are going through some tragic times..


The most inspiring though, are the pure soulful kids I've met...


The harshness of my story is nowhere near some of the things that these young kids have been through. Their resilience is beyond belief, and I feel guilty sometimes telling my story. They're the ones that should be up on that stage.

I'm often told by teachers how bad some kids have been acting up, and when I ask about home life, there's no wonder they're lashing out. It's all they know.

I've shed plenty of tears chatting to beautiful young souls who have a breathtakingly beautiful attitude and outlook on life, even

after being victim to some of the most devastating acts imaginable.

I don't discount the work I do, because I know that I make a big impact, however, again, it's nowhere near the effort a lot of our teachers, organisations, carers, parents, and of course the kids, are putting in.

I commend you all xxx


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