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Victorian Schools - Speaker Tour

Guest Speakers For Schools

My first tour of the year, and it was one I was incredibly excited about!

There’s endless hours of planning that goes into a tour. I have to liaise with schools, understand locations, specific angles, or topics, each school would like me to focus on, and then put it all together into a week.

I’m good as a motivational speakers for schools, guest speaker for events, but.... I’m not the best with my geography, so lucky google maps has my back.

I was leaving home (Sydney) on the Monday, and I thought it be best to drive. I had a morning talk on the Tuesday booked in at Rutherglen Primary YRS 3-6, and a couple of other talks at the top of Victoria the same day and evening, so I wanted to break the drive up by staying the Monday night in Rutherglen. The itinerary looked something like this…


Leave Sydney 1PM

5 hours 35 min drive to Rutherglen

Staying overnight in Rutherglen.


2 min drive to first talk

Tue School 1 – Guest Speaker Victoria, Rutherglen Primary (YRS 3-6) 200 students 9:30 AM

2 hour drive to second talk.

Tue School 2 – School Speakers Victoria, Echuca Twin Rivers (YRS 3-6) 70 students 2:15 PM

2 hours 20 min drive to third talk.

Tue School 3 – Motivational Speaker at St Joseph’s Primary, Beechworth (Parent & Student Evening) 6:30 PM

2 hours 50 min drive to accommodation at Gisborne


20 min drive to School 1

Wed School 1 – Speaker at Melton West Primary (YRS 5-6), 9 AM 185 students.

4 min drive to second talk

Wed School 2 – Guest Speaker for Coburn Primary (YRS 5-6), 10:30 AM start 170 Students.

45 min drive to accommodation, Best Western 14 The Link, Morang, 3082.


1 hour 45 drive to School 1

Thu School 1 – Inspiring schools speakers, Rushworth P-12 (YRS7-9), 9 AM

1 hour 45 drive to School 2

Thu School 2 – Motivational Speakers, The Lakes South Morang (YRS 7,8,9) 1:30 PM

50 min drive to Accommodation, The Waverley International Hotel.